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Dog Company - 16th US Infantry - 1st Division

Unit Roster

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Uniforms and Equipment
Unit Roster
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After Action Reports
Awards and Citations
Organizational Officers:
President - Scott Clark
1st Vice President - Todd Knighton
2nd Vice President - Brian Kendall

Dog Company Members

Headquarters & Service

Captain Scott Clark

Lt. Paul Mullen

Captain Joe Sciammarella (Battalion Surgeon)

1st Sgt. Dave Zuppelli (Armorer)

T-3 Rich “Stabby” Loftus (Company Cook)

1st Platoon

Lt. Heath Marchand (Platoon Leader)

Staff Sgt. Brian Kendall
T-4 John “Doc” Evola
Sgt. Zachary Krebs (Squad Leader)
Corporal Chet Wagner
Corporal Vince English
T-5 Nick Fantigrossi
PFC Ryan Oldenburg
PFC Adam Strell
PFC Damian Martelli
PFC Michael Beitz

PFC Ryan Morgan 
PFC Ford Best
Private Todd Knighton
Private Robert “Silky” Petruzzi

Private Nick Bocharski

Private Seth Bocharski

Private Chad Pusloski

Private Jon Pelland

Private Rory Bialecki

Private Sam Phillips


The Girls who support Dog Co.
Rebecca McDonell
Sue Augello
Alexi Przybylski
Marcy Morgan
Amanda Auriemma

Temporarily Assigned to SHAEF
Jerry Michalski
Alex Martin