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Weapons of the US GI
Note: All Federal and State Firearms laws must be followed by members of Dog Company.

The US GI had many varying weapons at his disposal.


Pfc. William Holowiak a resident of Yonkers, New York and a veteran of the Marshalls campaign sits atop a 37mm gun with his Browning Automatic Rifle. Arrayed around him are a number of U.S. infantry weapons, including a bazooka, two mortars, four rifles, two tripod-mounted machine guns, a bayonet and a pair of knives. (Photo courtesy the NYS Dept of Military Affairs)


The US Rifle, cal. 30, M1, also known as the M1 Garand, is the basic weapon of the U.S. Rifleman. The rifle has a semi-automatic action and is gas operated. This rifle is pictured here with the standard 8 round clip. The rifle should be equipped with a blank adapter for events.


The M1 Carbine was issued to men whose jobs precluded them from use of the M1 Rifle, such as messengers and assistant gunners. It was also meant as a substitute for the M1911A1 Pistol and was issued to NCO's as such. So unless you're an NCO, and you wish to carry an M1 Carbine, be prepared to be a pack mule!
The M1 Carbine is not a substitute, nor is the 1903 Springfield, for the M1 Rifle. While the 1903 Springfield did see action as a sniper rifle and as a grenade launcher, it was not generally issued within the infantry squad.


The US Rifle, cal. 30, M1918, also known as the BAR or Browning Automatic Rifle is the standard automatic rifle in the infantry squad. If used, the rifle will be equipped with a blank fire adapter and sufficient magazines for sustained fire. Bipod is optional.


The Submachine Gun, Cal. 45, M1 or M1928, also known as the Thompson, is the standard SMG in the rifle platoon. Squad members may use it if desired. The weapon must be equipped with a blank fire adapter and sufficient magazines for sustained fire.

All weapons will be equipped with a sling. For rifles, the sling should be made of leather on the correct pattern for that weapon. For SMG's, the sling should be the correct web pattern for that weapon. In any event, dark green post World War II slings will not be used. Also no foreign slings will be used.


The Pistol, Semi-automatic, Cal. 45, M1911A1 is the only allowable sidearm. Only NCOs and Submachine gunners will be allowed to carry a sidearm. The pistol will be carried in either a standard issued belt or shoulder holster.


Knives - Soldiers will carry the M1 or M1905 bayonet when equipped with the M1 Rifle. Other soldiers should carry the M3 Fighting knife in an approved pattern sheath. Small World War II era hunting knives may be carried on a limited basis, but only on the trouser belt.
Pictured above are the M1 Bayonet, the M1905 Bayonet ground down during the war to the standard 10 inch size (Note the fuller extending the length of the blade), and the M3 fighting knife.