Dog Co. 1/16th 1st Infantry Division WWII Reenactors

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Danger Forward: The Story of the First Division in World War II , 1947, The Society of the First Division.  - The official battle history of the Division 1941-1945 with supplements.

Roll Me Over by Raymond Gantter -  First Person account from an infantryman of Golf Company, 16th Infantry. A MUST READ

The World War Two G.I in Color, by Martin Windrow

Citizen Soldiers, by Stephen Ambrose - A Must Read

The GI's War, by Edwin P. Hoyt - A look at the life of the average dogface from induction to V-E Day

The Fighting First by Flint Whitlock

No Mission Too Difficult by Blythe Foote Fink

The Dead and Those About To Die by John C. McManus

Omaha Beach D-Day by Joseph Balkoski

Spearheading D-Day by Jonathan Gawne

Here Is Your War by Ernie  Pyle


The Big Red One - Staring Lee Marvin and Mark Hamill. Full of inaccuracies, but still a decent flick.
Battle Ground - Starring Van Johnson and James Whitmore. Each man had a personal coach from the 325th GIR to teach him how to be a dogface.
Saving Private Ryan - If you haven't seen this one, how did you even get to this site?
Band of Brothers - HBO Miniseries. With it out on video and readily available, there's no excuse for not having seen this.
The True Story of the Big Red One - A History Channel documentary of the Division from WWI through Vietnam. Narrated by Mark Hamill.