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Medic Evola

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Medic John Evola

Birthdate: April 25th, 1900
Place of Birth: Flushing, NY
Hometown: New York City, New York
Marital Status: Married, 15 years. 2 children.
Family Notes: 3rd child of 14, to immigrant Italian parents. All born at home. 12 still living. Two Brothers in the service, one aboard the Carrier Essex, and one is a member of the 1st Marine Division.
Where he was when War was declared: "I was at a highschool football game with my youngest brother, when we heard the news. Enlisted the very next day, with my other two brothers."
Date of Loyaly Oath: December 8,1941. As I first generation Italian/American I had to sign a Loyalty Oath to the United States of America.

Post War Plans: To return in one piece to his family and return to his job

Occupation: Optician
Education: Completed highschool, Grad 1918, Volunteered for US Army to fight in WW-1. War ended never got overseas. Decided to stay with the Army, was discharged 1922. Returned to civilian life, as delivery man for NY times newspaper.

1924 to 1926: Entered NYC trade school for Opticianary training.

1926 to present: Hired straight out of school by American Optical as Lab tech. Lost job when stock market crashed. Managed to find work with Sterling Optical, a small chain of stores in NY. Moved family from apartment, back to parents house. Have taken leave of absense from work to go and fight.
Date of Enlistment: December 8th, 1941
Place of Enlistment: NYC