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 Sgt. Paul Mullen-
Hangar at Genesseo Air Show 2003; Genesseo, NY


 This past weekend was the 1941 Historical Air Group air show held at
the airfield in Geneseo, NY. As a part of the air show we participated
in a World War II display with members of the 2nd Armored Div./82nd
Airborne, the 99th Division, the 272 Fusilier Company, and the
Historical Vehicle Preservation Society.

   Saturday evening we participated in a tactical against the 272
Fusilier Company and here is the after action report:

   At approximately 1730 hours, 1st squad was moved about a mile out
from camp by 2-1/2 ton truck to an area where enemy activity had been
reported. After disembarking from the truck, we proceeded to move out

  After patrolling south along a farm road for approximately a quarter
of a mile, Corporal Kilian and Private Michalski acting as scouts
encountered a German ambush set up in the farm field. This ambush
consisted of one squad size element consisting of  five infantrymen
supported by an MG34. Upon being engaged, Cpl. Kilian and Pvt. Michalski
steadfastly maintained their position and provided covering fire while
the remainder of the squad led by Sgt. Mullen along with Privates
Ashcraft, Bill (99th Division) and Corporal Frost (82nd Abn.) made their
way across an open field and took up positions on the German's flank.
Due to withering fire by the German machine gun crew, Pvt. Michalski was
forced to move from his position and join the rest of the squad on the
flank. During the course of the fight, Corporal Frost and Private
Ashcraft were able to make their way to the rear of the German position
causing the ambush to collapse. The remnants of the German squad was
forced to fall back toward the farm.

   At this point the squad continued it's patrol south along the farm
road in pursuit of the enemy. German activity was noted in the area
around the farm. In an attempt to surround the remaining enemy troops,
Cpl. Kilian leading Pvt.'s. Ashcraft and Michalski made their way
through the farm field to an area northwest of the barn while Sgt.
Mullen, Cpl. Frost and Pvt. Bill continued to move south along the road.
As Cpl.  Kilian and his fire team commenced their assault on the barn,
Sgt. Mullen and his fire team encountered a three man German patrol
along the road. The squad was now engaged in two fights. Both fire
teams,  through good use of fire and maneuver were able to fight the
enemy to a stalemate. After approximately 40 minutes, it was determined
that the best course of action was to fall back and regroup and plan an
assault for another day.

   As this was our first engagement, I would have to give high praise to
the men. We had good use of fire and maneuver, good use of hand signals
and above all else we did it safely. Also, we conducted excellent ammo
conservation. Some things that we need to work on is our patrolling
techniques and when a pair of binoculars are offered the Sergeant needs
to take them along.

   Once again, to all involved, good job and I look forward to the next

Go Easy!,

Sgt. Paul K. Mullen

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