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Hamilton Hangar Dance
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 Pvt. John Evola-
Hangar Dance; Hamilton, Ontario


     Attendee's to the event were, Mike Kilian(WW-2 USMC), Myself(29th Div. Capt) and wife Leah(WW-2 civilian), and some new guy Lyndon Yaple (USMC 1950). We arrived at the arranged meeting area at 5:30 pm to find no one was there (in a previous email Applebee's was replaced with TGI Fridays-which there is not one in N.Falls). After waiting until 6pm for anyone else to arrive we, headed off to another restaurant (MIGHTY TACO), and from there we were off to Canada. With directions in hand we off, the Canadian invasion was on. It must be a Canadian thing being metric and all, but the ride seemed very long in the dark. After a few wrong turns, apparently Canadians don't know left from right. We arrived approx. 7:45 pm 

     We pulled into the Museum, and WOW the place was PACKED! We walked in and the event coordinator Dean Villafuerte, came up and thanked us for coming. I explained his directions were what made us a bit behind schedule, but nothing was happening yet so we were on time.

     The Museum is EXCELLENT! I highly recommend it for a day trip for the group if the time ever arises. The displays were great and the aircraft were awesome! The AVRO LANCASTER is a sight to behold. There are about 15 planes in their collection, along with uniform displays and a Hobby store that is great.

     We stopped at the front desk got our tickets, went to the coat check, gave my wife's wrap to the clerk and off we went to the dance. The Hanger had been converted to look like a dance hall. The band platform had been placed in front of the ARVO, just like in Memphis Belle. All we needed was some balloons and Harry Konick Jr. and we would've been set! In front of the band was the main dance floor, and surrounding the dance floor were tables (in a U). Which was nice, and that before the dance began, they gave a short dance lesson for all the novices (a good IDEA, I thought, since I forgot my right foot and had to bring my spare Left I was completely useless). I was amazed there was such a large number of people who came in Vintage attire. I found it interesting that most of the Canadians were dressed as GI's. Mike found out there was a college SWING group from Buffalo who came out to this event also. Maybe some shared in roads can be made with them to do events together (maybe some free dance lessons for US WALLFLOWERS). I met several people who had attended Geneseo this year. They remembered the dog. They said they are coming back to Geneseo again as well as Reading, PA. 

     The dinner was served at about 10:30pm Roast beef sandwich with desert trays not to shabby. More dancing. We left about 11:30pm, and the party was still going on. I think you would have all enjoyed yourselves, and made some new (female) friends, I know Mike did! Sorry Mike, I had to add that. Next time we all have to make this one. Conservatively there were about 1500 people there (I think) in attendance. Cost was 15.00 US after exchange.

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