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HAG - Hangar At Genneseo Air Show
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HAG Airshow AAR - Corporal Rory Bialecki

The Hangar At Genesseo saw Easy Company at it's best in July. The Company was almost at full participation of those who are field ready, with Sgt. Mullen, Cpl. Bialecki, PFCs Majewski and Knighton, as well as Pvt. Sam (No one really knows his last name) and Pvt. Tojak along with Medic Evola. We also met a young man who joined our unit by the name of Heath, who spent Sunday learning to lounge the Easy Company way. The HAG air show also saw the debut of Easy Company's 20-man tent in the field

Most of the weekend was spent in First Person, with many spectators coming through and asking questions. We also participated in a ceremony each day in honoring the Veterans who attended the show.

Friday night saw most of us coming in to camp and enjoying the company of the other WWII reenactors at the show. These included Charlie Company of the 5th Rangers, a member of E. Co., 506th PIR (Band of Brothers) and a group who portrayed some Pacific Theater GI’s and Navy. Non US units included the 272 Fusilier as well as a few British Flyboys. Highlights of the evening included watching period movies in Gib Buckby's command tent while drinking Cokes and eating popcorn. Sgt. Mullen stated that it didn't seem period correct until we were all sitting there puffing away on Luckies and started heckling the Germans on screen. The evening was capped off by the Fireworks Show from Genesseo State's Freshman Orientation, which were perfectly seen from the Airfield.

Saturday saw us taking the field with Charlie Company of the 5th Rangers against the 272 Fusiliers under Scott Thompson. Easy Company went into action as advanced scouts, while Charlie Company came up in a Deuce and a Half. Seeing the Germans sneaking into a wood line, Easy Company redeployed across the staging ground, taking to the side of the main hangar, while the Rangers assaulted the visible side. Pinned down by two crafty snipers, The advance was slow, with PFC Knighton going off with two members of Charlie Company to see if we could flank them. Some crafty shotgun work by Sgt. Frost of Charlie Company led to the snipers' demise. The GI's then advanced further, running into stronger but still sporadic resistance. The German's were very good at their use of cover. After the GI's finished them off, we redeployed on the defensive, waiting the German's to regroup. Yours truly and PFC Knighton redeployed on the edge of the beet field which came up to the wood line and both proceeded to add camouflage to their helmet nets. My helmet is tipped to PFC Knighton due to his greater use of camouflage than my own attempt. His helmet looked more like a salad of mixed greens than a helmet when he was done. When no attack came, Cpl. Frost of Charlie Company made note of the ledge on the ravine on the other side of the wood line, and we soon found the Germans sneaking around our flank. Some more Shotgun work and the good old M1 took care of the Germans, and we headed back to Camp in the Deuce and a half.

Saturday evening was marked by a wonderful dinner from Gib's Field Kitchen. A finer repast was never served in the field. Easy Company then changed into Class A's and B's and headed into town. Hearing of a place called Club 41, we were soon on the porch, drinking fine pale ale and enjoying the company of the Brits and heckling the female residents of Genesseo. Before you say "How wonderful to find a WWII bar!" Let me specify that Club 41 was named after it being 41 Main St, Genesseo, NY. The barmaids surely thought we were all crazy, but good tippers. After a few pints, a pack of Luckies, and PFC Knighton's loosing battle with a dozen chicken wings, Easy headed back to camp.

After another ceremony to honor the Veterans, Easy Company packed up their 20-man tent, strapped down their gear, and bid a fond farewell to Genesseo.

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