Dog Co. 1/16th 1st Infantry Division WWII Reenactors

Fort Indiantown Gap, 2005

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Sgt. Paul Mullen and Cpl. Mike Kilian (like the beer)


    It was crisp, cool morning on Dec 16, 1944 when Easy Company received word that there was major German offensive taking place in the Ardennes area.

   After moving out, Easy Company, composed of Sgt. Mullen, Cpl. Bialecki, T5 Kilian, Pfc. Michalski, Pfc. Knighton, Pvt. John Marchand, Pvt. Heath Marchand and Pvt. Ferraro,  found itself cutoff from the rest of the regiment. Falling in with a combined unit made from elements of the 1st Division, 30th Division and 45th Divisions; we made our way into the battle area as 3rd squad of second platoon.

    After receiving our marching orders, we advanced upon our first objective, the Belgian town of Foy. After meeting no resistance, we secured this town. After this was done, elements of the 29th Division advanced through our lines with the intent of taking the town of Longchamps. After meeting slight resistance, the 29th secured the town. We were then ordered to move out from Foy to secure the vital crossroads northwest of Bastogne. This was again accomplished without meeting any resistance. Once this crossroads was secured, we were ordered to the other side of the town to create a defensive perimeter. It was at this time that we encountered an enemy reconnaissance patrol. Shortly afterwards, our right flank started receiving fire from the enemy. After some quick thinking and swift leadership on the part of  our platoon leader, Lt. Coyle, we adavnced in force upon the enemy and neutralized this threat. Unfortunately, during this firefight T5 Mike Kilian was hit and when Pvt. Heath Marchand came to his aid, he also became a casualty.

   After finally securing the Bastogne perimeter, we were then moved off the main line of resistance (MLR) to assist with securing other less exposed areas of the line. Or so we thought. It was during this time that our position was attacked in force by elements of the notorious SS. Through a combined use of arms with other units, we were able to push back this assault. It was only after this defensive action that our unit was finally pulled off the line for some much needed rest.

   Easy Company would like to thank the men of K company for their warm hospitality and reception during this battle and we look forward to serving along side you in the future.