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Pvt. Bardin
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Private Tyler Bardin

Date of Birth: February 10, 1923
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date of enlistment: June 24, 1942
Martial Status: Single

Family Notes: Father worked for a newspaper and soon went to Britain to be a correspondent during the Battle for Britain. Mother works in grandparent's bakery. Brother joined the Marines immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor and hasn't been home since he was shipped out for the Pacific. Sister is married and is taking care of her child while her husband has joined the army.

Other notes: Upon hearing the announcement of the attack on Pearl Harbor and Germany declaring war on us I was enraged. I waited about till June to enlist so I could finish High School and enlisted the day after graduation. I entered the infantry and have been fighting with the 1st ID ever since.

Post War plans: I plan on taking over my grandparent's bakery and putting myself through college as well. Sell the bakery get out of Philly and start a new life with a good woman.