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Subject: Citation to Award of Meritorious Unit Commendation


To: Dog Company, Heavy Weapons Platoon, 16th Infantry Regiment




"For gallantry in action in the vicinity of Torrance, France, 6 June 1944. Members of Dog Company’s heavy weapons platoon while attached to Dog Company HQ section, secured and established defensive positions around a vital bridgehead during the morning advance to link up with Airborne forces. Using exceptional prepared positions the Heavy Weapons Squad ambushed and destroyed a halftrack and its crew attempting to assault the bridge. Although with a large volume of hostile fire fell throughout the area, the unit using effective use of cover and maneuver, continually checked German advances. As a result, effective counter fire was continually directed on the enemy's units. In this manner they were able to hold the vital bridge until reinforcements were able to move in to assist in destroying the German attackers. They're initiative and enterprise in this instance were material factors in the seizure and retaining of the company objective. Dog Company's courage, enterprise and complete application to duty are in keeping with the finest traditions of the military service."


Members of Dog Company awarded said citation.

Sgt. Rory Bialecki

Cpl. Jerry Machalski

Pfc. Richard Loftus

Pvt. Zach Krebs

Pvt. Todd Knighton


S. A. Clark,
Captain, U. S. Army

Dog Company

16th Infantry Regiment