Dog Co. 1/16th 1st Infantry Division WWII Reenactors


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Members will wear only approved uniforms and equipment. The Platoon Leader is the approval authority for all items worn or displayed by Dog Company at unit events. All uniforms and equipment worn must be in serviceable condition.
The following items comprise the basic field uniforms of the Big Red One soldier:


* OD wool garrison/overseas cap (with or without infantry piping)

* OD wool shirt (either coat style or special type)

* OD wool trousers ("mustard" colored or approved reproduction. M1951 field trousers will not be worn)

* Khaki/OD #3 trouser belt with open faced or brass roller buckle

* M1941 Field Jacket

* Green tank top shirt or White t-shirt

* M-1938 dismounted leggings

* Field service shoes, rough out or cap toe type. (No modern work boots, or jump boots allowed)

* Dog Tags (proper notched type with proper chain)

Optional items:

* US HBT fatigues

* OD wool "jeep cap"

* Khaki "Tanker" jacket